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Case: Project Aristotle at Google – Finding the best way to work in teams.

Google is a well-known American technology company with approximately 140,000 employees. Google’s People Operations (HR department) aimed to conduct a project that identified the characteristics of a successful team, initiating “Project Aristotle” in 2012. The working hypothesis was that employees could perform better by working together than individually.


Case: The Progress Principle and “Project Digg-Pro”

Modenaton AS is a relatively large company primarily engaged in consulting and support within organizational development, change processes, and ICT systems. Since its inception ten years ago, it has grown and acquired another business, currently employing approximately 80 employees. Apart from certain support functions such as finance, HR, and communication, all employees are associated with departments, each with its own department head.


Case: Challenge with the Fantasy Opera

There is often drama on stage during opera performances. Lately, there has also been enough drama behind the scenes at Drontheim Opera. For a considerable period, power struggles, organizational disputes, and disagreements over priorities have been prevalent. In recent weeks, this has particularly come to the forefront in connection with the production of a major show, the Fantasy Opera.


Case: Orkla’s Essentials project: smart, simple, and sustainable solutions to eliminate single-use packaging.

Orkla is a large Norwegian conglomerate that delivers various products within different business areas such as household, pharmacy, bakery, and more. Orkla has a clear and pronounced goal of making sustainable development a significant focus area. Orkla Home & Personal Care (OHPC) has been running an innovation initiative focused on sustainable solutions.


Case: Renovation in a Cooperative Housing Society.

You have just bought your first apartment and moved into a brand-new cooperative housing society that has recently been completed. The housing society consists of over 100 apartments, and all the residents are new occupants. There is still a considerable amount of work remaining in the backyard and the area around the buildings: laying down lawns, installing playground equipment and benches, creating flower beds, and more.